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In this tutorial, we will learn how exactly an application works. Many of us use our mobile every day but most people don’t know how the application work on mobile. 

For example, We have an application and that application has a login screen. On the login screen, there are multiple elements/components like the Email ID, Password, Login button, etc. 

When the user enters his email id and password and then he tapped on the login button. So on the login button, the application checks the validation of the email id and password. If all the conditions are met then we are able to login into the application.

So what exactly happening is the background that we will look at in this session.


You can watch the following video for more details 😍


Suppose we have an application that application has a single button on it. And if the user tapped on that single button then the sensors of the phone registered a tapped event and send that event to the OS.

Please refer to the below image. 

What is Application?

Application or the app is a set of codes. We write a code/program and the app works as per the code/program we write.

What is OS?

OS stands for the operating system. OS manages hardware and software resources and provides services to the computer program.

What is iOS?​

iOS stands for iPhone Operating system. This mobile operating system is created and developed by Apple.

OS looks at the message gets from the sensors and reads the data in it. like how much pressure is applied to the phone and at which location on the phone? 

With that data OS performs some background operations, once the OS was done with all the operations then OS will know this button is for this particular application. 

Then the OS sends the message to the application and tells that your button is tapped please take action. 

Then the application looks into the code and performs the action we wrote for the button. And then application work as per the button action 

That’s it 😎

Stay tuned 🔔 Happy Coding 😊
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